Katalyst is the first no-impact full-body workout requiring no weights designed to fit into your schedule and targeted to your strength levels and personal goals.


Muscle Fibers

20 Minutes

Insanely Effective
Full-Body Workout


Weights or
Joint Impact


Reserve your suit with a refundable $500 deposit
Total cost $2,385 | Starting at $52/month with Affirm
Requires an iPad running iOS 13 or higher (not included)
Subject to size availability. Sizing is determined after checkout.


The Katalyst Suit precisely targets each major muscle group in order to significantly amplify the results of your workout. You will work more than twice the amount of muscle fibers as traditional training methods are engaged, allowing you to activate 90% of your muscles compared to ~40% in a typical workout. Using trusted EMS technology, Katalyst is an entirely new, more effective way to work out. The Katalyst App offers strength, power, cardio, and recovery mode workouts, available on-demand. Katalyst is the only full-body EMS device to be FDA-cleared for consumer use.

Safe, effective, and reliable
for all users.

50+ years of science

While Katalyst is an innovative product, the technology is based off 50+ years of electro-muscle-stimulation science. Many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of full-body EMS training. We have collected, translated, and summarized the results of those studies:


What people are saying

"I think this technology is going to take the fitness world by storm. Pro athletes can train muscles they've never used before and retrain injured muscles while complete exercise beginners or those in rehab can lift weights without excess stress on the joints."


“It was actually, strangely, more enjoyable and comfortable than I thought it would be... There will be some muscles stimulated that I have never felt before.”


“Usually if you go to the gym you don’t see people sweating like this... You’re literally engaging everything, the whole time.”


“I was very skeptical, I swear, but it is legit. I would wear it for my workouts 1,000% percent.”


“It’s simple, easy to use and actually works. It’s a great way to add something unlike anything else to your fitness routine.”


Included In Purchase


The Suit

High performance softshell with integrated electrodes mapped to all your major muscle groups. Weighing ~3 pounds, the Suit is travel- ready and stores away easily when not in use.

The Base Layer

Specially designed to retain moisture for optimal impulse delivery. The seamless knit, constructed from a sustainable Tencel™ blend, keeps you comfortable while you work out.

The Impulse Pack

The heart of the operation, the Impulse Pack translates commands from the Katalyst App into precisely-tuned impulses delivered to the right muscle, at the right time. 

The App

A totally immersive fitness experience, with on-demand classes led by EMS trainers. As you work out, the App intelligently controls and personalizes your impulses in real-time.


Suit Sizing

Lightweight and
Travel Ready

Machine Washable

FDA Cleared for
Consumer Use

Several Sessions with One Charge

Apple Airplay™

“The fact that I feel like I just worked out for an hour, and it was only twenty minutes– that in itself is enough.”


Expert Trainers &
On-Demand Content


Whether you want to jump higher, run faster, lift more, or relax your muscles- we’ll help you reach your goals.

Reserve your katalyst training system with a $500 deposit

1. Reserve your suit
2. Submit your size
3. Start your training


*$500 Deposit Required | 100% Refundable  
Total cost $2,385 | Starting at $52/month with Affirm
Requires an iPad running iOS 13 or higher (not included)
Reservations are limited to US customers

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A Personal Letter from Our Founder

My name is Bjoern (rhymes with “yearn”), and I founded Katalyst to empower all people to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Katalyst applies cutting-edge technology to solve an age-old problem: How to improve your fitness as efficiently as possible without the wear and tear on your joints caused by using external weights.

After suffering from chronic injuries myself, I wanted to design a way for people to get fit and actually see and feel the results of their workouts without placing undue stress on their bodies. By harnessing the power of EMS, Katalyst workouts activate over 90% of your muscle fibers, compared to the 40% activated in a typical weightlifting workout.

The result is a cutting-edge, full-body workout in just 20 minutes. At Katalyst, we believe fitness and wellness form the cornerstone of a rich life, and everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our system is designed to fit into your life and remove the barriers to achieving the health and wellness you deserve.


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