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What THEY Say

"I work out every day in the weight room. But nothing can compare to this. This workout takes fitness to the next level"


"I didn't think 20 minutes would be so effective. Katalyst is a workout no-one should underestimate. My body has never felt better."


"The full body EMS workout was quick, tough, and I'm sore 2 days later. I love where the future of fitness is headed with tools that allow us to have more efficient workouts -- woohoo!"


"I could feel it had activated muscles that I've not been able to engage. It was as though I was bringing them back to life"


"As a guy who does a traditional weightlifting workout in the gym 4-5 days a week, the Katalyst workout is a great way to break the routine and give my muscles something new"


"I am addicted to this!"


"The short 20 minute workouts give me no excuse not to make my fitness goals a reality. As a distance runner, weight lifting is never fun. Katalyst provides a new fun way to gain the muscle without having to lift the heavy weights."

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