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Until now, only a few very specialized studios have been able to offer full-body EMS training in the US. With the new Katalyst Training System, you can experience the world’s best EMS workouts 
any time, any place.

A full-body workout 
designed to fit your life

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You're in control

The easy-to-use iPad app lets you control every aspect of the workout; you are always in charge of how hard you train.

Comfortable and easy

We've taken complex EMS studio technology and packed it into a simple, lightweight system. It's easy to put on and customized to fit you comfortably.

At home, or on the go

The suit weighs just 3 pounds and takes up little room in your closet or travel bag.

Any time, any place

Download and store your workouts so you can train anywhere, even without internet access.

The first home EMS suit

Smart adjustments

The Katalyst suit automatically adjusts your settings for every exercise, so you can focus on your workout.

For every fitness level

The Katalyst subscription gives you unlimited access to a wide range of strength and cardio workouts, including activity-specific programs for golf, tennis and more.

Immersive 4K experience

Bigger is better! Bring the instructors to life on any AirPlay-enabled device. Use your iPad as the remote.

The Katalyst Training System

Feel your best

Our active recovery modes let you finish workouts like the pros. Massaging impulses help increase blood flow and nutrient distribution.



Is it like Compex or PowerDot?

Yes and no. While the underlying science is similar, the Katalyst Training System is designed for active use.

It’s the combination of the exercises and impulses from the suit during the workout that delivers amazing results. 

Unlike "sticky-pad" EMS units, the Katalyst suit stimulates all your major muscle groups for a true full-body workout.

Do you have my size?

We cover a wide range of sizes and customize it for you. 

We want you to have the very best experience with the Katalyst Training System, so we customize the suit to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Once you've completed your pre-order, our team will be in touch to help you take the measurements we need to custom fit the suit.

There are adjustment straps for day-to-day adjustment as training begins to alter your body and posture.

Who can use the Katalyst Training System?

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, and no matter your training history, as long as you're an adult, Katalyst is for you.  

We can help you achieve your fitness goals; whether in recreational sports performance, aesthetic development, or everyday fitness.

Note: Katalyst is contraindicated for use by those with pacemakers, and pregnant women.

Can two people work out together?

The Katalyst Training System can only power one suit at a time. However, your subscription covers up to 4 accounts, so you can share the love if you wish.

We offer a Partner Training System that comes with two suits and two sets of base layers so that you can both have suits that fit perfectly.

If two people want to work out side-by-side, they'll need two suits, two impulse packs and two iPads - so in that instance, it's best to buy two complete Katalyst Training Systems.

Do I have to have my own iPad?

Yes, the system requires an iPad that is capable of running the latest iOS system updates. Any iPad model from the past 5 years should be fine but do check if you have an older model.

How much does it cost?

The Katalyst Training System costs $2,500, or as little as $62.50/month with financing options. An additional $39/month subscription unlocks unlimited classes and four household accounts.

What's your return policy?

  • To guarantee the best EMS experience, we're determined that your suit should fit you snugly and comfortably. As a result, our sizing process ensures that your suit will be the correct fit. This removes the need for most returns.

    To be eligible for a return within 14 days of receiving delivery, the Katalyst Training System must be unused, unopened, and in the same packaging and condition in which you received it. We will refund the purchase price but deduct shipping charges.

    The Katalyst Training System is a medical-grade product. To protect our customers we can't resell opened products. So, in all other cases, we reserve the right to deduct (up to) a 20% return charge, plus shipping costs.

    In the unlikely event that a faulty component gets past our rigorous quality testing process please contact our support team.

I still have more questions. How can I contact you?

You can contact us at support@katalyst.fitWe will endeavor to answer your question within 24 hours.


Chances are, this is the first time that you'll have seen this type of training. But you'll be seeing more of it.

Full-body EMS training helps improve body composition, increases strength and endurance, enhances muscle tone, and can even address some muscular imbalances. The focused 20 minute workouts engage all your major muscle groups simultaneously, even the hard-to-reach stabilizers in your back. It's a true full-body workout.

Pioneered by elite athletes, it has become a popular fitness option with more than 12,000 full-body EMS studios worldwide.

EMS employs low frequency electric impulses to generate muscle contractions. Katalyst uses these impulses to multiply the effect of every workout.

Multiply every movement


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*Offer Terms and Conditions
Your suit will be custom sized to fit you and cannot easily be re-sold. To assist our production planning we do ask for a $250 down payment.
The Katalyst Training System costs $2,500 or as little as $62.50/month with financing options. 

A subscription of $39/month is required.
Free shipping included.

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Katalyst Suit

  • Carefully designed for your ease and comfort
  • Individually customized to fit you
  • Weighs just 3lbs
  • Fully machine washable

Impulse Pack

  • Lasts 10+ sessions per charge
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Secure magnetic suit connectors

Base Layer 

  • Engineered for optimal skin contact
  • Non-allergenic and antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly seamless knit

Spray Bottle

  • Optimal design for quick suit prep 
  • High-quality construction

30-day risk-free return